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As Windows 10 provides the platform to a platform, multi-tasking like handling multiple desktops, run shortcuts and hence it is very convenient to use. During working on your PC, have you ever experienced intermittent issues where windows 10 taskbar is not responding properly? 10 UI components like windows taskbar. Sometimes, the icons on the taskbar are not visible to us or it's freezes while switching from windows to windows.
Windows Taskbar Not Responding
List of problems with windows 10 taskbar-
• When you try to hide windows 10 taskbar, it does not hide.
• Taskbar is missing.
• It works only after system updates.
• Without admin permission windows 10 taskbar auto-hides.
• Icons on the taskbar do not visible.
• Shortcuts in the taskbar.
If these issues are not fixed in time, they might affect your performance and also the work-rate. This article will provide you some techniques to resolve your problems at once. Have a look at those methods.
Method 1- Restart windows explorer
This method is very simple to use. Sometimes, the background process gets stuck due to overflow and affects the usual operation of the system. You can go through the following steps as mentioned below
Step 2- In the blank search field, type taskmgr.exe and hit the enter button. It will open the task manager window immediately.
Step 3- Among all the tabs, go to the processes tab and search it.
Step 4- Click on the windows explorer process to select it. After selecting it, click on the restart button in the bottom of the right corner.
Step 5- It will kill the windows explorer process and it will definitely resolve the issue if it is critical. The system will restart and it brings the taskbar back to its normal state.
Method 2- Re-registering the Taskbar using Windows 10 PowerShell
You can also have another method if the windows taskbar is not working or responding. In this method, you will have to mess with other system settings, and you need to give some command lines in the PowerShell which is well enough to do this job. Follow these steps to resolve this issue.
Step 1- Go to the windows start menu, click on it.
Step 2- Type PowerShell and right click on the PowerShell to select the run as administrator to run PowerShell with admin privileges.
Step 3- If blue dialog box of PowerShell turns up, copy a paste the command lines.
Step 4- This process would take some time to execute it successfully.
Step 5- If command lines have been executed successfully, go to the directory in the file explorer and replace your name with your user account name. Also, make sure that you have enabled the hidden items in the windows file explorer.
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